Textile Starches

Textile starch is one of the “Tapioca starch” derivatives, which is prepared by physical modification and chemical treatment of native starch with the help of a cross-linking agent to get the desired sizing and weaving application.

Usage Industries -

Textile sizing industries.

Uses and Applications -

It is free from PVA and other banned chemicals.

Textile starch is suitable for all counts of cotton blends such as PV and PC.

Textile starch size is more economical compared to other sizing ingredients.

Textile starch is eco-friendly and biodegradable.

Textile starch has very good binding and lubricant capacity, which helps to improve loom efficiency.

  1. Reduces dropping during sizing and weaving application.
  2. Reduces weft breakages.
  3. Increase in yarn strength.
  4. Increase in yarn elongation.
  5. Reduces hairiness.

Shelf Life -

✔ One year from the manufacturing date.

Mode of Packing -

25 and 50 kg net, packed in printed PP woven bags. We are ready to work with customer specifications.

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