Spray Starch

Spray Starch, a naturally occurring carbohydrate polymer with the molecular formula (C6H10O5)n, finds extensive application in paper mills to augment dry strength and surface quality. With its notably high molecular weight, native starch exhibits significant viscosity. Conversely, modified starch possesses reduced viscosity. Through our research and development efforts, we’ve pioneered high-consistency modified starch products. These innovations impart enhanced strength and brightness characteristics to paper and board products, enabling paper manufacturers to attain exceptional quality breakthroughs at cost-effective rates.

Usage Industries:


Paper boards with different GSM.


Enhances paper’s bursting strength, smoothness, glossiness, and achieves excellent whiteness.
Generates additional starch/cellulose hydrogen bonds, leading to improved bursting strength.
Boosts stiffness and bonding within the paper sheet.
Improves surface strength and resistance to wax-picking.
Provides a pleasing tactile sensation.
Increases tensile strength.
Enhances retention of fiber fines, fillers, and chemicals.
Augments the board’s ability to spring back.
Improves dry strength properties.
Easily gelatinizes at low gel temperatures.
Reduces costs by enabling increased filler and recycled fiber usage.
Enhances runnability and productivity by minimizing breaks.
Lowers energy consumption due to its strong binding capabilities.

Shelf Life -

18 months from the date of manufacturing.

Mode of Packing -

50kg net packed in printed PP woven bags, Jumbo bags 1000kgs