Pregelatinized Starches

Pregelatinized starch is a type of starch that has been cooked, dried, and ground into flakes or powder. Pregelatinized starches dissolve quickly and easily in cold liquids, allowing products to develop full viscosity without cooking.

Pregelatinizing native and stabilised starches allows them to form a cold-water paste. They develop viscosity without the use of heat, so the food manufacturer does not need to pre-cook the starch.

Usage Industries -


Textile industry





Uses and Applications -

Tapioca pregel is used pillar and binding application in pharmaceutical products.

Pregelatinized starch is used as finishing and sizing agent in textile.

Pregelatinized starch used as an additive in detergents, cosmetics industries.

Pregelatinized starch is used as a wet end additive to the pulp in the paper industries.

Pregelatinized Tapioca starch is used as a binder for briquettes in coal, foundry, Incense stick and mosquito coil industry.

Shelf Life -

One year from the date of manufacturing.

Mode of Packing -

25 and 50kg net packed in printed PP woven bags. We are ready to work with customer specification.

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