One Shot Agarbathi Binder

One Shot Agarbathi Binder is our specially formulated starch-based product tailored for Agarbathi manufacturing. It’s designed to optimize the production of raw battis and dhoopbattis, enhancing their burning duration and fragrance. This binder ensures consistent and stable viscosity for agarbatti compounds. With its fine, free-flowing powder in a creamy color, it readily swells in cold water.

Usage Industries:

Agarbatti manufacturing.


One Shot Agarbathi Binder provides excellent strength for securing a wooden stick.

One Shot Agarbinder Binder offers robust binding capabilities due to its consistent viscosity when mixed with Agarbatti and Dhoops.

Our product effectively binds Agarbatti raw materials, ensuring uniform burning capacity.

Shelf Life -

One year from the date of manufacturing.

Mode of Packing -

25 and 50kg net packed in printed PP woven bags. We are ready to work with customer specification.