Agar binder is our modified starch-based product. This agar binder is based on a special formulation that is best suited for the manufacturing of raw battis (dhoopbattis). It enhances the burning time and fragrance of these products. Agar binder provides a uniform and stable viscosity for the agarbatti compound. Creamy-colored, fine, free-flowing powders swell in cold water. 

Usage Industries -

Agarbatti manufacturing.

Dhoop batti manufacturing. (Sambranibatti)

Uses and Applications -

Agar binder contains high strength for holding a wooden stick.

Agar binder gives strong binding because of its stable viscosity while mixing with agarbatti, Dhoops

Our product binds agarbatti raw materials with an even burning capacity.

Improve the fragrance and burn time of agarbatti and dhoops.

Agar binder is completely eco-friendly and non-allergic.

During burning, is spreading non-harmful smoke.

Shelf Life -

One year from the manufacturing date

Mode of Packing -

25 and 50 kg net, packed in printed PP woven bags. We are ready to work with customer specifications.

We are one of the top manufacturers of industrial starches in India. For superior Starch products, get in touch with us.

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